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Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company, located in Shams Abad industrial city, Tehran, has been working for years producing various kinds of engineering polymer compounds. With a knowledge-based approach, specialist team and advanced manufacturing and laboratory equipment; Sepanta Pishe is a pioneer in the plastic industry of Iran.

The production of various kinds of thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE, TPV) based on EPDM, SBS and SBES is one of the most important activities of this company, which are offered with the brand of THERMOPEX. These materials are produced and supplied under the license of GLOBAL TERMOPEX of Turkey in Iran. Moreover, engineering compounds based on PP, PA, and PE are also offered by us under the name of SEPEX.

In addition to the above, Sepanta Pisheh has the ability to advise and cooperate in reverse engineering of materials, design and manufacturing of injection molds and extruded polymers.

Moreover, Sepanta Pishe Pasargad, as the official representative of the Turkish Sepamid brand in Iran, provides a variety of grades of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 for various industries.

In the production of raw materials, observing ethical, scientific and engineering principles, this company has tried to play a small role in the manufacturing of products with desirable quality, which are able to compete with similar foreigner products.

Sepanta Pisheh Pasargad

About Sepanta Pisheh Pasargad

First and only producer of vulcanized thermoplastics (TPV) in Iran.
First producer of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) in Iran.
Only producer of super soft material (TPE, Hardness A 0-30) Producer of different types of softeners and impact quality improver material.
Provider of engineering raw materials.
Official representative of Sepamid company, Turkey.


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