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1. The first manufacturer of Styrenic thermoplastic elastomer materials (TPE) in Iran (THERMOPEX).
2. The first manufacturer of Vulcanized Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPV) in Iran (THERMOPEX).
3. The first and only manufacturer of urethane thermoplastic elastomer materials (TPU) in Iran (THERMOPEX).

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Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company which has pioneered in producing raw materials of thermoplastic elastomers with a knowledge-based approach, is ready for manufacturing and providing of different kinds of engineering polymer compounds in various fields such as automotive industries, medical devices, home appliances and sporting goods. Different types of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE, TPV, TPU) with various hardnesses (shore A to D values) are produced and supplied with the THERMOPEX exclusive brand.

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Technical services

Sepanta Pishe Company not only provides services to supply raw materials, but also will accompany customers and industry owners for developing new technologies, and running production lines.
The technical and engineering group of Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company is ready to cooperate with manufacturers in reverse engineering; based on the scientific, technical and experience of its experts with the help of laboratory equipment.
Identification of raw materials, proposal of formulation and method of manufacturing polymer parts are the most important services provided in this field.

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Engineering formulations design

Consulting services about various polymer compounds can be handled only by knowledgeable experienced specialists. Since most manufacturers and industrial companies pay less attention to scientific research, Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company is able to cooperate in providing formulations of various polymer compounds with diverse applications in the field of automobiles, home appliances, shoes, medical devises, sport goods and etc.
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Engineering formulations design
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Consulting regarding the purchase of manufacturing equipment

In order to set up a new production line, to equip laboratories and injection mold design in various industries; manufacturers can always use the ideas and expert opinions of our technical colleagues in Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Group.
Sepanta Pisheh`s experienced technical staff are ready to offer services in-person and through the phone.
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Consulting regarding the purchase of manufacturing equipment
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Laboratory services

Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Laboratory Unit started its activities in 2015 with the aim of quality controlling of products and providing technical and consulting services with the most equipped devices.

In this unit, focusing on physical and mechanical properties of polymer blends, the tests are performed in accordance with national and international standards (ISO, ASTM, ISIRI).

Some available services in Polymer Labs by category:
Samples preparation of tablets, sheets and dumbbells with injection machine.
Universal tensile test.
Hardness test shore A
Hardness test shore D
Melting Flow index test (MFI)
Compression set
Density measurement
Ash measurement
Thermal aging test
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Laboratory services


Due to their unique properties and behavior, thermoplastic elastomer families have growing applications in various industries. While having elastomeric behavior, these materials can be easily processed like plastics by conventional methods. Also, they can be recycled and reproduced if needed, therefore they do not harm the environment.

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In accordance with its technological background and different formulations, THERMOPEX offers its products in four different groups, each designed for specific products.

Different types of thermoplastic elastomers (TPV-TPE)

Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company produces and supplies various types of thermoplastic elastomers under the THERMOPEX brand in different hardnesses from Shore 0A to Shore 95A and also Shore D. Thermopex products are proudly produced in Iran under the license of GLOBAL TERMOPEX of Turkey.
THERMOPEX-brand TPE materials are generally based on SBS and SEBS and are designed in various grades for use in different industries.

PP / EPDM based vulcanized elastomer thermoplastic (THERMOPEX TV)
SEBS based elastomer thermoplastic (THERMOPEX TE)
SBS based elastomer thermoplastic (THERMOPEX TS)
Different types of polymer impact modifiers

Various types of polyamide compounds

Sepanta Pishe Pasargad Company, as the official agent of SEPAMID Turkey, supplies various grades of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 for the related industries.

polyamide 6 natural
Glass fibers- reinforced polyamide 6
Polyamide 66 natural
Glass fibers reinforced polyamide 66
Different grades of economic polyamides (recycled compounds)
Special impact modifier for polyamides

Different types of polymer compounds base on polypropylene

According to the customers’ needs in different industries like automotive, home appliance, electrical, and others, Polypropylene based compounds are produced and offered by the Sepanta Pishe Pasarad company with the special name of SEPEX.

Reinforced-Polypropylene with calcium carbonate
Talc-reinforced polypropylene
Elastomer-reinforced (impact modified) polypropylene
Glass fibers-reinforced polypropylene

Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU)

Soon and for the first time in Iran, thermoplastic polyurethanes will be produced in different hardnesses by the Sepanta Pishe Pasargad group.

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